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Clover Station Pro - BikPays
Clover Station Pro - BikPays



Run your entire shop on a single smart POS. Manage inventory and keep track of stock. Accept payments at the touch of a button. Handle returns and exchanges. Station Duo comes with a smart terminal for your customers. That means they can confirm their orders and complete payment faster and safer.
Clover Station Pro - BikPays
Clover Station Pro - BikPays


The POS that helps you run the full house, front to back. Bundled with Station Duo, our new Counter Service Restaurant plan is purpose-built for fast casual, quick serve, and counter service restaurants.

Compatible with

Clover Station Pro - BikPays
Barcode Scanner
Clover Station Pro - BikPays
Weight Scale
Clover Station Pro - BikPays
Kitchen Printer
Clover Station Pro - BikPays
Kitchen Display System
Clover Station Pro - BikPays


All-in-one system.

Replace your register, dumb terminal, and bulky printer. A single, compact device is all you need to ring people up.

Accept all payment types.

Let your customers pay how they want to. Swipe, dip, and tap. Magstripe, chip cards, and NFC payments like Apple Pay and Samsung Pay.

Next day funding.

Funds are automatically transferred to your bank account as fast as the next business day.

Eliminate processing fees.

The rules have changed! With recent law changes and the advancement of our proprietary software your business can accept credit cards for FREE!

Free installation.

Clover Station includes free white glove setup service. We will hold your hand the whole way through.

24/7 customer support.

24/7 Live Tech support. Knowledgeable Stuff. Free upgrades. We did our homework 🙂

Software tailored to your needs.

Your Clover® Station Duo Point of Sale does more than just credit card processing. It comes installed with lots of essential tools. Easily connect your Flex to services like Yelp, MailChimp, and QuickBooks and other hundreds apps in the Clover App Market.

Clover Station Pro - BikPays
Clover Station Pro - BikPays

Unlock Clover’s Dashboard.

Did you ever wonder what products and services your customers really like? Clover’s cloud-based Dashboard lets you know, all while managing inventory and delivering customer data to you. Clover Dashbarrd can even integrate into Quickbooks for easier accounting.


Base plate 11.0″ x 7.5″. Max. height from countertop to display top: 9″
One power cable and LAN cable, with everything powered from the Clover Mini
Merchant-Facing Display – 14.0″ IPS FHD Display
Base plate 11.0″ x 7.5″. Max. height from countertop to display top: 9″
Customer-Facing Display – 7.0″ IPS HD Display (Gorilla Glass 3 with Anti-Fingerprint and Anti-Microbial)
High-speed receipt printer
Wi-Fi, 4G/LTE, and Ethernet
Swipe, dip, or tap. Credit or debit. NFC payments including Apple Pay, Google Pay, WeChat Pay, Alipay and more. Now twice as fast.
Fingerprint logins, NFC employee cards, transaction tokenization and encryption, PCI PTS 5.0 PED w/ P2PE readiness
Embedded high-resolution camera for barcode or QR code scanning. Proprietary pivot arm swivels smoothly between merchant and customer
Clover Station Pro - BikPays

It’s time to run your business smarter, faster and simplier.



A complete point of sale in one compact package.
Your largest, fastest point of sale system. Ever.
$180.99/mo $99.99/mo
Modern payments. Fast and simple.
$90.99/mo $49.99/mo


A unique program developed to help merchants nationwide save virtually 100% on processing fees by offering their customers a discount for paying with Cash or in store gift cards.
Just about any business that accepts credit cards can benefit from Slice. From auto repair shops and daycare centers to retail establishments and professionals like doctors, lawyers, dentists and accountants, Slice can put more money in your pocket every month — a lot of it!
This is the fun part. We’ll send you everything you need in one handy package. You’ll receive a payment terminal, along with signage for your front door and terminal area explaining the discount for cash-paying customers. You’ll also receive free training, as will your sales staff. You’ll also receive a great gift while supplies last.
It’s easy! Just press GET STARTED button and fill out a simple form It only takes a couple of minutes! Business and Personal information is confidential and secure. Welcome to the Slice family of smart merchants who are saving money every day!
We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you want to stop using Dual Pricing Program, we will immediately change you back to traditional interchange pricing. We got you covered!
Our merchants love this program and there has been virtually no negative impact from their customers. Customers understand the high costs of processing payments and opt in or use cash.
Slice is new, yet thousands of merchants are already using Slice, and more are signing on every day. Gas stations have been using this program in the US for over 15 years. In addition, many national, state and local governments like the DMV, IRS, Post Offices, Schools and Courts use the dual pricing program and new federal regulations now allow merchants to reclaim their fair share of processing fees. Read More
Not at all. We’ve made Slice incredibly easy to order, set up and manage. If you have any questions, just give us a call and one of our super-smart (and very friendly) tech people we mentioned earlier will help you with any questions or concerns.
As stated in the Durbin Amendment §124.STAT.2073, 9b2, businesses are permitted to offer a discount to customers as an incentive and to encourage customers to pay by alternative methods other than a credit/debit cards including either checks or cash in order to automatically receive a discount which is applied at the time of sale.
This is not a credit or debit card surcharge program which is not allowed in several states. Slice provides you with a technology that allows you to offer discounts to its customers who chose to pay using cash or check which is allowed in all states.
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