Judge Investigates Suspicious Visa and Mastercard Settlement Website

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Judge Joseph Marutollo in Brooklyn has given the green light to lawyers to investigate this unofficial website. If it’s found guilty, the site might be shut down, and any related client contracts could be canceled. The judge has set a deadline for the website to respond, but no reply has been received yet.

What makes this interesting is that the website looks a lot like the official U.S. court-approved page from the 2019 settlement in Brooklyn. Similar claims of fraud have been seen in other recent class action lawsuits.

On November 3, lawyers filed a report flagging the settlement website as “highly suspicious.” The lawyers haven’t commented on the issue yet.

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Judge Marutollo’s order is straightforward, asking the settlement site to explain why the court shouldn’t immediately take down the website.

If you’re searching for validated and official details on claims, the ONLY official court-authorized claims website is paymentcardsettlement.com.

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