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Statement Analysis - BikPays

Hidden Fees:
You’re Paying More for Payment Processing Than You Think

90% of merchants pay more for payment processing than they actually need to. The secret? Most of them don’t know they are.

PCI Compliance Fees

If you’re getting charged more than $20/month for this, they’re taking you for a ride.

Statement Fees

You better take a look at the statement fees. Usually it goes up to $10/month.

Annual Fees

This is a junk fee that should be immediately removed from your processing statement.

Monthly Settlement Fee

Additional monthly settlement fee? This is just a sneaky way for them to take advantage of merchants with another hidden fee.

Authorization or Transaction Fees

So if you see one of these on your statements, don’t panic—you’re not being ripped off. However, if you see both, you are.

Terminal Fees / Gateway fees

This fees are just an extra charge for something that they’re already doing.

Statement Analysis - BikPays

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Statement Analysis - BikPays
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